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01 Can I talk (personally) to you?
Yes of course you can. My interests vary a lot and otherwise you can introduce me to new stuff. Yay! If you don't want me to publish your ask just put an * before the message. Or send fanmail, that's even easier!

02 How do you make your edits?
I add a spoon of what the fuck is happening, 100 miligrams of why are you still doing this, then I cry for half a year over the result and upload. Repeat.

03 What is the song playing on your blog?
Here's a list of the current playlist, I try my best to update it every time I change it.

04 In what conditions is your blog best viewed?
My blog is optimized for Google Chrome, with the screen resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels. (since my screen is that size lolzies) Please tell me if the theme cuts off/looks weird, it's much appreciated!

05 Can I see your face?

06 Can you check out my blog?
Sure, if you ask nicely.

07 Do you follow back?
I check out most of my new followers, but a follow back is not guaranteed. If your blog is nice I'll probably follow, although I try to avoid following people who reblog the same things as I already see on my dash.

08 Why did you unfollow me?
I probably unfollowed you because :
1. You changed your fandoms or you started blogging things that don’t interest me.
2. You reblog a lot of things from people I already follow
3. You’re spamming my dash or aren’t nice to people

09 Why didn’t you reply to my ask?
Probably because I’m not online or I haven’t seen it yet, GOMEN pretty stranger!

10 Love message me
So you plant your garden and decorate your own soul, instead of waiting for someone to bring you flowers.
About me
So well my name is Elke, but I don't mind you calling me Ellie or El. Tiny girl with big dreams but very skeptic. I'm 18 years old, living in The Netherlands and currently attending college. English is not my first language please forgive me :) I like to mess around with html, so you're going to witness a lot of different themes here (if you're following me of course *glares*)

I didn't grow up with anime unlike most but stumbled upon it a few years ago. One of the disadventages of living in a country that only knows pokémon. I favour anime with a good stories above all, although a simple entertaining one isn't wrong sometimes. Lately I've been really busy so I got behind on everything and it's become a long list that I'm scared of.

I love to read, watch movies or anything really that takes me to a fictional world. Daydreaming is one of the things I do a lot. One of my big passions are animals and being creative, I'll probably end up as a cat lady and I don't mind really.

An accurate description of me would be: Awkward as hell! Because hell would be pretty awkward, don't deny it. It's not that I'm antisocial, but I will question if you still like me A LOT. I like to be treated fair, if you're kind to me then you got yourself a very faithful friend.
Do not remove credit from the posts

Do not repost my graphics!

Also, everything here's old and sucks, I'm sorry

Thank you!
Lilibum is always calm and ready to watch anime! She lives a secret life as an asian math genius, because wrestling with crocodiles wasn't working out. Our life priority is chicken until the end - and fight over Mamura. She thinks she won that fight, so I try to retain that illusion with this icon on the left. Aren't I generous? *runs off into the sunset with Mamura*
Stef and I are each others senpais no matter who's older. Currently we're very busy writing our life stories in tumblr messages, we have this writer-editor relationship that I'm never going to understand. From sharing quotes to being internetz besties, it's a mystery to me too. I'm just very glad that tumblr brings anime nerds like us together!
This tomodachi is a special case. I tried to convince Dagmar of the greatness of tumblr and she fell for it, hah you're trapped now! Not only her tumblr is funny, in real life she is a real sarcasm-master. She also strongly believes that she's a pinguin. Don't try to argue because she is a penguin and you just have to accept that.